Race Results

Sprint Race Results

The racing quarter horse Industry in Australia for whatever reason has never found a need to compile records of past or present events, so the current generation will never know the great horses, trainers or Industry participants of yesterday.

Not to mention the current day breeders that may not understand the performance pedigrees of the older style horses when looking to buy or breed.

I have put together the race results for North Queensland with what information that has been available to me, any corrections would be greatly appreciated.

What the North Queenslanders have managed to achieve is nothing short of amazing given the obstacles they face,

and it is a credit to people such as Paul Stephens, the Gallagher family’s and the NQ community that the racing is so successful.

Tony Smith All time leading trainer

Troy Gallagher Great Competitor Founding Father

Paul Stephens Trainer Administrator Just wouldn’t happen without him

Ashley Gallagher competitor founding father

Paul Edwards Star of the training ranks always the man to beat